Covid Precautions

Rosebud Steakhouse Faithful,

The past 12-months have proven to be challenging for all of us.  As we navigate forward, we are preparing to reopen our restaurant for indoor dining.  Unfortunately, unlike many other restaurants, we were never able to create a viable revenue stream from outdoor dining due to limited space. Through the support from our neighborhood and friends, we were able to strive forward and stay afloat with limited pickup and delivery service.  

My partner and I realized from the beginning that the only way we could survive during this period, was to eliminate our labor force, which meant furloughing our entire staff. While many businesses view labor as another line-item column on their ledger, we have always viewed our team as FAMILY and thus this created a difficult decision. 

We have constantly stayed in touch with our staff, and were able to raise funds through carryout tips, that allowed us to give them a monetary holiday gift.  God knows that we could have used those funds to pay rent and other bills, but we know that our future is dependent upon our staff returning.

Although we realize that the challenges of COVID will be with us for a while, we see light at the end of the tunnel.  As we prepare for the future, we realize that these challenges have made us better and stronger.  Moving forward, especially in the beginning of re-opening, we need to make sure we can create a safe environment for our guests and our team.  Rosebud Steakhouse is excited to announce that we have installed new HEPA-rated filters designed to purify the air in our dining room.  We have installed 3 units, each capable of purifying up to 1,100 sq ft. of open space. These medical grade filters can contribute significantly to reducing aerosols in the air up 99.97%.  In our opinion, additional air filtration, in conjunction with implementation of other CDC guidelines, will provide our guests and staff a safer environment to dine and work in.   

We realize that we are still a long way from returning to pre-COVID dining, however we are confident that if we do our part, we can get there sooner. So, as we start to reopen our restaurants, you can feel secure that when you visit us at Rosebud Steakhouse, the entire team is doing everything in our power to secure a safe environment during your next visit. 

We look forward to serving you again SOON!

-Angelo Eliades & Steve Coppolillo