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A Note From Our Fine Meats Distributor, Linz Meats

July 8, 2021

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, Rosebud Steakhouse is an experience unlike any other. Featuring the finest prime steaks and a charming atmosphere, this is one of Chicago’s most iconic destinations. With every bite, you’ll know why Rosebud Steakhouse is the go-to spot for lovers of fine dining. With its delicious cuisine, generous portions, and celebrated hospitality, you’ll get a taste of Chicago’s history and elegance in every bite.

As the pandemic was wreaking havoc on the restaurant industry, service and culinary legends Angelo Eliades and Steve Coppolillo were looking ahead. The duo stepped in to take ownership of Rosebud Steakhouse, bringing a dedicated motto of delivering a “wow” factor to Walton Street and serving only the highest-end dishes created with the highest-end ingredients.

This team of 30 plus year fine-dining veterans brings a focus on experiential-based dining, an eye for ambiance, and the palate to deliver priceless plates to the table. Eliades brings expertise in multi-unit operations focusing on the front of the house, while Chef Coppolillo directs the culinary vision of the group that delivers a mouth-watering experience to the Gold Coast.

Both Eliades and Coppolillo are wholly involved with the Linz Heritage Angus program and the long-time partnership. Their use of Linz beef has strengthened their understanding of the importance of consistency that’s found in our conception to plate program. With their true belief that quality ingredients make for a quality experience, the leadership duo goes a step further by touring the Linz ranch facilities with their waitstaff. Angelo Eliades explains, “Our customers have discerning taste and expect a certain level of expertise from our staff as to what’s on their plate. Our waitstaff, being educated on the LHA story, provides a truly unique experience for our guests.”