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The Details Matter!

It never ceases to amaze me how all my inspiration to write these blogs follows after real-world application…And this blog will be no different.

While executing our most recent photoshoot for Rosebud Steakhouse in Centennial Village of Munster, IN, it kept occurring to me how focused we are on the details. GMs, servers, bussers, bartenders… Everybody was in on the act moving, removing, adjusting, and fixing- just to make us picture-perfect for the shoot.

This is what creating a highly functioning, front-of-the-house will do for you and your customers.

Educate them as to why the look and feel of the room matters and they will ensure the look and feel matters.

Ask them to become students of their trade and provide them the resources they need to learn about fine wines, select cuts of meat, and why fresh seafood tastes better- and they will dazzle your customers with their knowledge.

Model the use of positivity vs. negativity throughout your restaurant to create a specific ambiance where the customer comes first while giving them the experience of fine, white tablecloth-style dining….And your employees will take your lead and run with it throughout every aspect of their job, including how they manage the finer details.

Not only will you gain and maintain the respect of your employees, but you’ll preserve and sustain the respect of your guests. This reduces liability risks for your organization and limits interruptions in operations while allowing you to keep your focus on the fine details.

You’ll have power in your people if you empower them; the good ‘ole days of restaurant operations are gone and we say good riddance! There is an old saying out there that the devil is in the details…But we like to say, the detail is in our dishes and dining room!

-Angelo, Owner and Operator


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